A Hearty Saturday Breakfast

Poach an egg for 5-6 minutes.
Remove, drop in ice water.
Cook ramen and remove a minute before al dente
Add black pepper (a lot), a solid amount of olive oil
and a dash or two of the water from the boil.
Mix and set aside.
Peel four lettuce leaves and arrange like a clover.
Add the ramen, place the egg on top.
Break the egg, season with salt.
Sit on the couch and enjoy.

A Hearty Saturday Breakfast

Take your non-stick, add some olive and put on medium heat.
Cut up some strawberries. 
Leave them pretty big, you want nice sized bites.
Mix in some fresh herbs like thyme / sage / basil 
but salt & pepper will do.
Cut a head of Romaine in half.
Place both halves right into the hot pan.  
Press Down.
Mix Strawberries with a creamy cheese: goat, feta, cream.
Add a dash of olive oil to smooth it out.
Once the Romaine is done (a bit smokey and charred)
plate up and spoon the strawberries ontop.
Add a drop of olive oil or balsemic.  

An Honest Dinner

Take your favorite greens (these are argula) and 
toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh herbs.
Maybe even the slightest drop of mayo/mustard.
Get a non-stick pan hot.
With your moral mushrooms halved and ready,
add a dash of oil and a knife of butter to the pan. 
It will smoke.
Following straight away with the mushrooms 
and move them around the pan until slightly charred.
Set aside and do not add them to the salad yet.
In the same pan, fry and egg sunnyside up.
Place aside.
Toast good quality bread.
Use my Sicilian Meatball Recipe and use two of them.
Add the meatballs to your toasted bread.
Place two squares of provolone (or your fav) over the meatballs.
Put in the broiler until the cheese is crispy on top.
Toss the mushrooms into the salad and plate.
Add the toasted bread with meatballs.
Top with sunnyside egg.
Pat yourself on the back and eat.


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Michael Micalizzi